Strength and flexibility to boost your performance.

Better performance starts long before you climb into the saddle. The best riders devote a lot of attention to flexibility and core strength.

Your BodyFiTTE session begins with a thorough personal evaluation by your FiTTE System practitioner, to identify your unique strengths, goals and problems.

Next comes a customized program of conditioning workouts—stretching, strength-building and breathing exercises developed by John Howard, along with world-renowned coaches and physiologists.

These include:
  • Core-building warmup exercises. These add flexibility when you do them after our workout, too.
  • Periodized strength exercises. Varying the time and intensity of your program enhances endurance, strength and power. It also allows you to peak your performance for an event.
  • An exercise manual, with photographs illustrating the precise poses. It’s important to perform the exercises exactly as prescribed.
  • A precise, individualized schedule for progress and improvement, to help keep you on track.

Our clients notice rapid improvement in strength and endurance. They are less susceptible to injury. Many even report improved sleep!

Because correct form is so important, as is your body’s response to the program, a minimum of two BodyFiTTE sessions is necessary.

2 one-hour BodyFiTTE Sessions: $300.
A PowerFiTTE Session is a prerequisite to BodyFiTTE