Get FiTTE — and get faster!
What is FiTTE?
In short, the FiTTE System is a TOTAL SOLUTION. It is services and products for harmonizing the performance of your body and your bike. You’ll measure the improvement in performance immediately, guaranteed.

I have raced across America, won the Hawaii Ironman, raced on three Olympic teams and (don’t try this at home) set the bicycle speed record of 152.2 mph.

But the most satisfying thing I do is help riders to get more out of their bodies and their bikes. The secret is balance, the complex biomechanical relationship between cyclist and cycle. That’s why I created the FiTTE System.

So, you want to go faster and farther? Whether you’re a budding champion or weekend warrior, let us help you reach new heights of performance.


“Want to know what I know? Get my new book, Mastering Cycling“”

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“John’s techniques and training helped me win thirteen U.S. National Championship
titles and two World Champion medals.”
Denise Mueller, USCF Road and Track Champion, NORBA Cross-Country and Downhill Champ